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In 1937, when our parent company was founded, innovation was the cornerstone of our business. Our products were new, exciting, cutting-edge, comprehensive and, most of all, effective. For over 80 years, we've worked hard to stay out front and in sync with our customers and the “buy/sell” markets that we serve. That's why we're excited about transitioning from our singular print platform to our expanded, digital platforms.

Why the drive toward digital?

Recent studies show that 89% of established organizations have adopted or have plans to adopt a digital-first business strategy. Among IT decision-makers, 32% say that digital business has already helped their organization achieve revenue growth.1 In 2019, there are more than 5 billion unique mobile users and nearly 4.4 billion Internet users worldwide. Nearly 3.5 billion use social media, and over 3 billion use social media on mobile devices.

With digital, you're the real winner.

Of course, our move toward digital benefits you, our loyal customer, with a more diversified marketing strategy. It spreads your advertising budget into more channels and increases buyer access to your products and brand. We know your most important goal is to connect with buyers, fast and first. In a 365/24/7 digital world, we can help you do that faster and in more ways than ever before.

Whether with our website, social media, marketing services, email marketing or direct mail, the opportunities are endless. And yes, that's direct postal mail. Although digital is now in the driver's seat, print is still an important component of how we help you succeed. Our direct mail campaigns, exclusive for your business, reach the loyal audience that we've built and targeted for decades.

As we continue to grow and innovate, we're excited about the future. It's a new world that we live in, a digital world. We're excited to offer you better products and services that help you succeed. And we're excited about the ever-evolving technology that helps us connect you with buyers more efficiently.

Let us help you!

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Tradequip Media Kit

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Advertising Programs

Tradequip Media Kit

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Web Banner Advertising

Receive prime placement on Tradequip.com with a homepage and events page banner. Banners link to a company page on the Tradequip site. Redirect to company site available. Contact Us Today!

Homepage Banner Ads:

Leaders in O&G: 400 x 330 px

Leaders in O&G graphic

Large Leaderboard (728 x 90px) (Mobile Responsive Size 300 x 250px)

Homepage Banners graphic

Auction & Events Page Banners:

336 x 280px (auction left side and event right side of page)

Auction & Events Page Banners graphic

Additional Online Options

Online Featured Listings

Banners are displayed in a carousel above the search pageBanners are also displayed in a prime location on the homepage

Promote your inventory item as a featured item for premium exposure on Tradequip.com. Featured Items are shown in two prominent locations on the site. All featured listings are displayed in a rotation on the home page as well as all listing type home pages. The second place, at the top of the drilldown results pages and along the top of relevant searches. Call for more information and pricing.

Rate: $300.00/featured item


Items with premium listing placement are shown at the top of the search results pages and along the top of relevant searches.

Premium -Premium position will be the first grouping of inventory listings shown on the results page for a specific item. (Listings with photos will be placed above listings without photos in the this section.)
Rate: $20.00/listing

None -By selecting none, inventory items will be shown below any Premium listings for a specific item. (Listings with photos will be placed above listings without photos.)
Rate: No Charge/listing

The premium ads appear right at the top og the search results


Tradequip’s email campaigns are an excellent way to promote auctions or release other time- sensitive information to industry professionals. Consisting of buyers and sellers who do not opt out of receiving our emails, our managed database of recipients is continuously updated. Ideally, you can provide email graphics to be sent, or our staff can work with you to design custom graphics that meet your needs. Time frames for sending vary by project but are generally based on the complexity of the graphics and html mark-up. Call for more information and pricing.

Social Media

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